Market Oysters* (6)

Green Apple Mignonette ~ Classic Cocktail Sauce

Pan Fried California Burrata 

Arugula ~ Peach Jam ~ Spicy Balsamic Reduction

Baby Gem “Caesar” Salad 

Olive Caesar Dressing ~ Ciabatta Crumbles ~ Anchovy

Add Chicken  ~ Add Shrimp  ~ Add Salmon*

Chopped Salad

Egg ~ Avocado ~ Bacon ~ Ranch

Add Chicken  ~ Add Shrimp ~ Add Salmon*

Yellowtail Sashimi* 

Radish Salad ~ Masago ~ sesame Vinaigrette

Smoked Salmon Tartare

Avocado Crema ~ Ponzu ~ Rice Crisps

Niki’s Crispy Shrimp

Cabbage ~ Crack Sauce

Chilled Beet and Strawberry Soup

Smoked Feta Cheese ~ Pickled Red Onions ~ Croutons

Charcuterie and Cheese Board

2 Cheeses ~ 2 Meats ~ Fun Accompaniments


Gluten-Free Penne Pasta

Peas and Asparagus ~ Mushrooms ~ Basil Pesto

Spicy Tomato Spaghettini 

San Marzano Tomatoes ~ Basil `~ Parmesan

 Add Chicken  ~ Add Shrimp  ~ Add Salmon*

Americana Prime Burger*

Caramelized Onions ~ Aged Cheddar ~ Jacqueline Sauce

Sea Salt Fries or Truffled

 Grilled Chicken Panini Sandwich

Bruschetta ~ Mozzarella Cheese ~ Basil Aioli

Sea Salt Fries or Truffled

Pan Seared King Salmon*

Chive Risotto ~ Fennel ~ Blood Orange

Grilled Flat Iron Steak

Smashed Potatoes ~ King Oyster Mushroom ~ Red Wine Natural